Monday, January 12, 2009


Have you ever been under regret for something that you said while you were angry? I mean does it happen most of the times when you lose your temper and lands up at hurting someone in a way in which you never meant by heart? Every normal living being will surely lose temper and become angry at some point of time in life! No matter how patient one can be, but its in our hormones to become angry at something or the other and one just can't deny it.

The damage that exchange of harsh words can cause to a relationship is more than any other possible happening, and no matter how tactful one can be but to stay polite and diplomatic in honest anger is simply not possible. Meditation, deep breathing and exhalation diverting techniques are some classy ways to reduce the slang that one can speak while being angry. It also depends on one's overall behavior and the cause of getting angry. Most of the times when my friends and family show anger on me, they eventually lands up few positions of respect below of where they originally were, after the patch up! And when I show anger on friends, I spill poison and use extremely harsh words and lands up on broken friendships most of the times! I know its not just me but a lot of us, who don't suffer from short temper, but rarely when they get angry they show extreme temper! There by I would like to draw forth certain conclusions that I had come across.
Ӂ Never forget these -
l When a human being is angry, his eyes gets closed and his vocal chords gets excessively and unnecessarily opened up.
l The actual meaning of being angry on someone is to give the punishment of his mistaken deeds to one's own self.
l Anger always starts with foolishness and ends at regret.
l Whatever you say in anger turns opposite on you and comes back to you surely at some point of time in the end.
l A person is not tired in a full day of work, the way he gets in a single hour of being in anger.
l A person becomes deaf as an ocean and furiously blind as fire when he is angry.
l Anger throws wit, tact and manners out of the door and locks it till one becomes stable again.

When one is extremely angry at something, one should practice silence! Absence of speech is the true voice of the god within you when you are in anger, its the superior most language in such a state. In cases when you ought to speak then speak as less as possible; Where one word is enough, avoid using two.
Win anger by love; vice by virtue; greed by charity and dishonesty by truth!


DIVYA said...

THE ONLY THNG I CAN SAY IS DAT ....I GOT REMEDY TO THE ANGER WITHIN ME ..whch nevr cums out bt kills me..silently

neha dhamija said...

I am one of those who get angry very easily and out of sheer impulse start using words that I never intend to say. The end result is broken relationships. But the best part is that the people close to me know I am impulsive and short-tempered, so they don't take my bitter words too seriously as I end up saying sorry within hours..N Seriously, I have tried this was of being silent when I am angry but it never worked for me. So the best thing I do now is that I scribble my anger by writing everything that bothers me ..It might work for you as well.

Ekam said...

Even I am one of those short tempered persons who lands up hurting someone every time I lose my temper .. And this being silent at that time works , at least for me . I just stay silent and lock myself in a room or prefer to stay alone at that time otherwise I know , I would hurt somebody at that time.

PULKIT said...

@ divya mam- thanks for being the most regular reader as always! for the comments and look on my work! you are seeming one of the few people whom I can actually rely on in this big race called "life"
@ neha- great to see you here again! thanks for the suggestion too dear!
@ ekam - hope you liked the work and ended up on a deep thought!

Stephen said...

Meditate may help tpp

Stephen said...

Mist type. Meditate may help too.

PULKIT said...

thanks stephen! keep visting!

priyanka said...

hi pulkit hey wht to say to u first of all again i would repeat myself gud work done bro........well even i m a short tempered girl n i do agree keeping silence n scribbling are the methods one can apply..

PULKIT said...

thanks priyanka!