Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When you are not here,
I think of you!
More than words can say...
More than one can ever imagine!!

Its that very rare moment,
when all one wants...
Is just one thing; That very person!
My multiple other dreams disappear.

Life submits all its glory,
for the pleasure of your wait.
Happiness and joys seldom noticed,
passing unattended through heart's gate.

How can someone miss somebody,
just the way I do!
Yes! That somebody is you,
I hope someday you will get the clue.

The need for you has surpassed my wants,
every breath desires your presence...
everyone surrounding me is giving a taunt,
My focus and gestures losing sense!

The irony of the day is,
I know someday you will be here...
Then too you will not be there,
My needs will still starve for your care!

Cos when you will be here,
I will still be just thinking of you...
You will still be just my obsession
Your presence,worthy site! But You, still in my blues!


11:55 A.M.


PULKIT said...

NOTES from the post (for the readers)
Sitting in my college library... bunking a lecture to complete an assignment, I landed up with writing these lines instead! :) seemingly , thinking about not a person, but an interesting condition.
“JUST THINKING OF YOU” is a tribute to numerous crushes where communication is always a dream! When the person on whom you have crush is not present in front of you, you think of the endless things you want to say, bearing this infinite pain of separation at your end!
When the person is present in front of you, you realize the bitter need of expressing yourself about what all you go through in his or her absence. Yet shaping the right words and landing at a position to say these things is not everyone's destiny. Its a tribute to one such helpless day! :)
A kind of partial teenage mindset based infatuation cry or poetic verse song, for a change at this blog!
Thanks for the continues appreciation, hope you will like this too! Whatever you think, please Keep the comments coming :)

With ocean of love and universe of blessings
Your most loving friend and well wisher
(admin - and

Anurag said...

pretty damn cool... infatuation and crushes are a part and parcel of a student's life.. the verse aptly describes the feeling the students go through(specially boys lol )...

PULKIT said...

thanks for the comments anurag! appreciate your views! keep visting, regards! said...

Great post and blog layout!

neha dhamija said...

u have expressed it right..
It do happen that when u r with that special person, u lose count of words..
Its funny but a fact. U have many things to say n share when that person is not around..but when u get an opportunity, u forget everything n later feel bad..n say---yaar yeh kyu nahi kaha????
good work

priyanka said...

hey pulkit thank u soooooo muchhhhhhhh.....takecare
god bless

PULKIT said...

@ myundiary - thanks for the visit again dear! :) and for the appreciation as well, keep visiting!

@ neha - thanks for the elaborated comment! ur always free to express yourself in the same way here @ 19goes20, keep visiting! always glad to see you here!

@ priyanka - thanks for the endless motivation and support and encouragement! people like u are my true strength to write! :)

paramveer said...

btw i m thinking abt ur assignment work.....he he.....wt happened after the poem??......assignment completed or not??....

fine poem.......

Anonymous said...

after an earlier cry this post is perhaps the best way that one can wipe off d tears ....really a refreshin post..but this time also u were bang on target which lie in 1z heart....the best part f d post wch i feel is dat ny 1 can relate 2 it .....keep writin dese infectious posts wch lso show ur dapplous skill as writer.

PULKIT said...

@ paramveer - the assighnment still remains :)
@ faraz sir - thanks a lot for the motivation sir! really need that time and again :)

LAILA said...

Pulkit..really good!:) we have a shakespeare in making!!Keep it up!:)

PULKIT said...

thanks a lot laila! glad to have such a motivation from ur end dear! :)

rishabh said...

good work bhiya.!waise u knw reaad it before but commentin!now...!
ur poems are relly appreciable..bhiya!

PULKIT said...

thanks a lot lil bro! love u! thanks for the support always! :)

Salman said...

I remember the time when "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" was released and the song "Tadap Tadap.." actually killed many of those who had lost in love. Also the time when RHTDM was released n the song "Sach Keh Raha Hai... " was a hit. The brains behind these songs earned millions by selling these tracks and wo bechare listeners still cry their heart out when they hear such songs.

Now you seem to be on the same track :P

You earn visitors and these poems take some of the broken hearts back to those good old memories of sahi nahi hai..


Not like the last wordworth kinda but yeah simple and cool..good work..

better concentrate on your assignment now !!

Salman said...

and dunno why but I still think these posts have something related with your life too [wink]

PULKIT said...

thanks a lot sir! my personal life... well still loads to share in loads of hidden verses... the beauty of truths of heart! is in concealing them in the most complicated forms of expressions... thats what my blog do all the time :)

nivedita said...

one question ---
hw do u manage cumin out with such a variety??
i min .. it does'nt gives a clear projection of ur ACTUAL age ... [:P]
newyz.. jokes apart .

pulkit .. u r a TRUE PORTRAIT of a REAL writer.
its not only bt what u ryt, rather it's HOW u ryt.i cant really comment on the FEEL of being in love --coz i hv nver realized its existence.
but i really wish n pray dat wenever it will be .. i wud love to have it d way U hv written.


Anonymous said...

I just learned that your poem won first place in my heart.mmuuaaaah @ dis Sir...
awesome work..... d best 1 I eva read.
I know how strongly you felt about the issue, and how long you worked on developing your argument. You are a good example of how commitment and hard work pay off.

all urz now !

Harshit Bajpai!

PULKIT said...

@ nivedita di - thanks for the visit again sis, glad to have to have you back on my page in the comment box, your comments are always true from ur heart and thus very very special for me as always...!! thanks a lot for the motivation :)

@ harshit - welcome to my page brother! would love to see u around here too! thanks for the comments and being mine ;)

keep visiting !!
regards and god bless!!

Ekam said...

Good work Pulkit:)

ridhima said...

interesting poem,so true!!

irisha said...

SOMWHR SM! IZ THNKIN F U.....rlyyyyyyy!!! okii i got it..waise in my memory i thnk ..ds is ur frst poem jo mere smjh ayi...totlyyy!!
vry nice pulkit ...vry sweet poem!! lovd it...
tc n keep wrting!!

PULKIT said...

@ ekam - thanks for being there for me everytime sis!
@ ridhima - thanks for the first visit to my page dear...
hope to see u around here regularly!
@ irisha - what to say? thanks for the support and being my best friend!

keep visiting

nikit said...

dude .....wonderfull wrk don

dreamer said...

wonderful work .......didn't know that you write poems and that also really well!! Keep writing such good stuff!!

PULKIT said...

@ nikit - thanks for the visit again dear bro! love and regards to u!

@ dreamer - thanks for the visit! glad to have u back at my page! keep visting and keep providing me with ur valuable feedback nainika :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pulkit,
Just happened to visit your blog today n found it cool! The composition is nice n you have expressed yourself well here. Liked your penmanship. cheers!

PULKIT said...

thanks a lot deependra! hope to see you back in this page again :)

Anonymous said...

I found ur blog through the indiblogger forum..Nd really to be honest is damn awesome yaar.You have really presented all your moods in an extremely fantastic way.I liked this way of,"changing the world by not getting changed by it".
So Keep Smiling-Keep Blogging-Nd Keep Expressng Urself Out in this Way:)
All The Best!

PULKIT said...

thanks for such an awesome comments prabhjot! :)
u made my day man!