Friday, October 3, 2008


Animated pictures have always been a part of my extreme fondness. Don't know when, where and how i fell in love with them. The romantic pictures like these, popularly referred on net as “anime pics” defines the fantasies of mine in terms of compassion and romance.

They are my inspiration whenever i write something based on lines of love and poetries related to it.


“Thank you for teaching me what is right and what is wrong!
For in my heart I always knew you were the one.

If someday you feel the same way, I will never be astray.
For in my heart you will never fade away.

-melanie “

(this might be the feeling of girl in the pic)

This particular picture bears an animated couple where the gal in the photo is bent and she lies on the chest of the boy.

Particular features in this photograph are noticeable to me. The girl is lying on the boy sideways and that can be considered a sign of differences between them or somewhat a distance between them. Eyes of both the individuals on the pic are closed and that shows utter comfort and peace of mind, beautiful! I must say. Long hair of gal is a turn on and that too open is a tender manner and those long hairs lie there as unnoticeable to her as her own self. A slight hand of the boy on her head shows the boys acknowledgment that he is there for her and the left hand of girl clinging his shirt and the right hand simultaneously taking a rest mode dependent state on him chest shows how much she needs him. Cute couple and honest expression i must say. Moreover i guess i noticed a lot, :) beauty i must say lies in the eye of the beholder.

Cheers and god bless.
Ocean of love and universe of blessings.



paramveersaini said...

this is not my favorite topic at all but still i would like to admire the poetic analysis of the picture by author

ricky said...

hey bro
the 1st one I MISSED U SO MUCH
in this animated pic no one can easily describe the so well
ur description in animated is reaaly awesum

doin grt work
bye tc

uzma said...

hey dear..!!
th discrption of the pic is awsm.. i mst say suprb...
well our viewz are nearlyy same..!!
keep goin.........

PULKIT said...

thanks for giving a comment even after the non interst in the pic param!
thanks ricky for the appreciation bro! will try to keep it up!
hey uzma! glad to see u here again!
will describe a lot many pics more in future here, lets see how much of our views gets tuned in!
anyways u all are free to tell me what else u felt after viewing this pic.

sudhanshu said...

mind blowing imagination yaar ...
what a nice expression of feelings !
realy it seems that these r the real words for a real pic ..
keep it up buddy
bye tc

irisha said...

oh my god...ds is lik awsome imgnation!!...i cnt thnk dt way nw aftr readin ds artcl m abl to notice smthn rlyyy beautifl hmmmmmm........u c!! how sweett@@@@...keep writinn lk ds!! dear!