Thursday, October 2, 2008

HERE I GO again!

well. returning to blogger after a long gap of two months. i will still be writing for my old blog at blogspot i.e once in a while, whenever i get motivated to write for miscellaenous issues, for which i use to express myself there. had been occupied with some personel work lately but hopefully i am back to blogging again, in the meanwhile i will continue to write for for salman which is a great friend of mine and readers looking for a great relation based non vulgar and classy website are most welcome to browse this website (discovering her).
i hope to write one full length artcle and one pic or poem review a week here and if u tune in with my wavelength of thinking or evenif u completely disagree with what i write, your compliments or crticisms in the form of comments.


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paramveersaini said...

awl right friend....i'll try to adjust my L n C so that i may remain in RESONANCE with u. ;)

i hv only few frns who like 2 do these type of stuff that i like .....n u r one of them.
keep postin

priyanka said...

hey pulkit ....u know na what do u mean to me may b at times i cant express ,may b i am not gud at words but certainly ur writing aspires me ....for what reason i dont no but i love to read wht u write n in any way u write.I am as I always said the biggest fan of urs so koi doubt mat rakhna is cheez ko le kar i will read ur writings anywhere u put it up......take care and keep up the gud work going
God Bless

nivedita said...

u have certainly an unusual bent of mind .
d most magnetic part of dis blog is the title itself..but on an advisory note i wud recommend u to explore more of urself in a different way.
ppl with such a sharp exposure(like u ) shud take a lead n come up with various solutions 2 d existing problems..

i hope u wont mind me giving advise ..but i strongly feel u have that THING in u !!

PULKIT said...

@ paramveer! hey bro! thanks a lot man! i hope i dont let ur expectations down, great to see u as a blog follower. thanks for being there for me as always.

@ priyanka! hey sweets! thanks a lot to you. your praise means a lot to me, and always get this deep in your heart that all this love and appreciation given by you is never considered as taken for granted by me. i promise to always work harder and promise to never let ur expectations down dear. i am always and always there for you.

@ nivedita! respected mam, thanks a lot for being here for me. i will try to make changes in me the way u had advised and thanks a lot for the advice, i always sincerely need them from people like u whom i admire a lot.

ricky said...

waitin 4r ur next blog
bye tc

kamal said...

hi. bro. i am not the right person to comment on any of u r blog but i think u had written best blog i had ever read pinpoint each & every small -2 thing
best of luck
keep writing.................
love u dear

PULKIT said...

@ ricky! will try not to disappoint u in my next post at this blog
@ kamal!
thanks a lot bro for ur kind words!
i am glad that u liked my blog a lot! and i hope to see u among the readers for a long time

regards to all

ROHIT said...

it's really good to see back in some action. I hope this blog becomes a massive success.
the name of the blog itself is very alluring so keep the enchantment working
keep posting articles//

wishing you all the luck for the blog page..